install jdk and configure environment variable

Install Jdk And Configure Environment Variable – Install Java Environment

Hello and welcome again to the most powerful website in programming tutorials. If you want to learn a programming language, you are in the right place. In this tutorial, we well Install JDK and configure Environment Variables.

In this tutorial, we will make a hello world using java 8. So let’s start making our first program using java 8.

1 – Install JDK 8 (Java developpemnt kit 8) :

First of all, will well install JDK 8, for that you can download it from the oracle website. Now we need to choose the right Jdk 8 according to our OS 64 or 32. After choosing the right one we login in oracle website or register for a new one, to be able to download JDK 8. When the download finished, we double click on the installed file.exe :

JDK Java Developement Kit

Click next :

JDK Java Developement Kit

Then next and the JDK 8 will be starting preparing install processus. Wait a moment to be prepared. After that you will get this page telling you where the JDK Java Development Kit will install:

JDK Java Developement Kit

Click Next to start to install JDK Java Development Kit:

JDK Java Developement Kit

Now the installation is finished let’s start the second step about the Environment variable configuration.

2 – Configure Environment variable JAVA_HOME :

Now let’s start the configuration of our environment variable in windows 10, First you search on your windows search for Environment variable, you will get your environment variable page:

Then click new and type JAVA_HOME in the variable name and JDK folder in the variable value as follow :

Ok, go and look for the path in system variable and click edit, then add a new one for your Java as this picture :

Then ok and the installation and configuration of the environment variable done. Last step to verify all is ok. Run command line and the type java -version and you will get the version of the Java installed

Java -version console output

Alright, everything is done. So if you encounter any problem or issue with that, Let me know in the comment below.install jdk and configure environment variable

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